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Hernando's Hideaway. What you should know.

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No New Posts Welcome to Hernando's. This is who we are

This is our spirit. (Along with some rules from our site host.)

4 258 Welcome to Hernando's, and thanks for stopping by.
by Nugget
Mar 4, 2016 16:02:27 GMT -6
No New Posts Helpful Guide Instructions - 1 Viewing

12 193 Launch of The Monetary System
by rickymouse
May 10, 2016 18:06:21 GMT -6
No New Posts Hernando's Staff Members

Current listing of all Staff Members

1 1 Hernando's Staff Members
by Teye22
Oct 3, 2016 10:21:53 GMT -6
No New Posts Guest, post here if you'd like.

All other boards are open to members only. Why not register?

3 88 Here's where guests may post without registering
by kdog
Nov 19, 2015 18:05:31 GMT -6
No New Posts Questions, suggestions, problems, complaints, and maybe an answer.

A central spot for assistance. PM the staff if you want privacy.

Sub-boards: Smiley problems? Tell us here., Recent Threads box problems discussed here.

61 821 Page lock
by Teye22
Jul 17, 2016 23:15:01 GMT -6
No New Posts Event Board

This is used by the site for adding events to the Calendar. Maybe you should enter your events through the Calendar function until you're familiar with it? Click on Calendar, then on "Add Event." The subject line is what will be on the calendar. Don't write much.

105 975 Happy Belated Birthday 727Sky
by 727sky
Jan 9, 2018 1:08:41 GMT -6
No New Posts Hoax Bin

For those stories that although intriguing, just aren't true

3 38 Man Murders Ex-Fiancé, Feeds Her To Parents
by kdog
Oct 29, 2015 16:12:09 GMT -6

Controversies and Arguments

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No New Posts Devil's Advocate

For pieces taking a more controversial point of view. Please read standards before posting.

17 614 The two greatest inventions of all time !!
by 727sky
May 26, 2018 6:52:35 GMT -6
No New Posts Police. Excesses and Militarization. - 1 Viewing

There aren't that many bad ones, but they sure do make the news.

173 1,021 Watch cops take down a knife weilding idiot
by Rickster
Apr 8, 2016 20:17:41 GMT -6
No New Posts Politics, Politicians, and Campaigns - 1 Viewing

The people who want to get governmental power, and how they get it.

Sub-boards: Department of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Obama and his actions, The 2014 Mid-term elections, The 2016 Elections, The House and Senate

374 2,899 Obama's 37 Accomplishments
by 727sky
Feb 8, 2018 3:41:35 GMT -6
No New Posts "Hot Button" Issues

Everything that can get you exceptionally hot under the collar, from Abortion or Homosexuality, to Refugees or Policies. The topics that are hard to talk about reasonably, but have to be faced eventually.

281 2,873 Europe and the fall
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Sept 12, 2017 6:24:53 GMT -6
No New Posts Conspiracies

JFK, 9/11, NWO, False Flag, HAARP, MK Ultra and more

138 1,510 A little bit of everything
by Nugget
Jun 22, 2017 5:17:04 GMT -6
No New Posts Religion and Eternal Questions

How did we get here? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Moderator: Glencairn

78 735 The preacher
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Jun 15, 2018 14:19:49 GMT -6

What In The World??

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No New Posts General News Forum

You can talk about anything that doesn't fit elsewhere here.

Moderator: Charles1952

503 4,944 A really really bad day at work
by 727sky
Mar 16, 2018 22:52:24 GMT -6
No New Posts International Financial News.

From your wallet to the IMF and World Bank. Everyone has something to share here.

66 404 Humans need not apply
by Nugget
Jan 26, 2017 11:19:48 GMT -6
No New Posts War and Violence - 1 Viewing

Conflict is growing, ranging from inter-tribal to international. Please discuss it here. (Or "I keeeel you!")

279 1,717 North Korea threatens imminent strikes against South
by Garnet
May 26, 2020 17:00:06 GMT -6
No New Posts North American News

95 591 ‘Collusion Is Dead’: Trump Celebrates Release of FISA Memo
by Teye22
Feb 4, 2018 21:11:31 GMT -6
No New Posts World News

The US isn't the only place where things are happening.

372 1,897 It is all about cycles
by rickymouse
Aug 12, 2017 21:54:29 GMT -6

History, the witness that testifies to the passing of time

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No New Posts Ancient and Lost Worlds - 1 Viewing

57 339 The Ruins
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Jul 19, 2020 11:28:39 GMT -6
No New Posts American History

23 99 We the People
by 727sky
Aug 20, 2017 23:23:39 GMT -6
No New Posts Military History

19 104 Howwe are being led
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Sept 3, 2016 5:18:50 GMT -6
No New Posts World History

25 167 A little history worth a review
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Sept 12, 2017 6:38:28 GMT -6

The Earth we live on.

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No New Posts Man-Made Environmental Disasters

Anything related to environmental disasters created by man

Moderator: Nyiah

39 328 History Of the Disaster in Japan
by thorfourwinds
Jan 23, 2017 10:26:14 GMT -6
No New Posts Ebb and Flow

Mother Nature at her best, and at her worst. This is where to find threads on our planet's variable happenings.

Moderator: Nyiah

220 1,656 Indonesia raises Bali volcano threat alert to highest level
by Teye22
Nov 27, 2017 21:19:07 GMT -6
No New Posts Space, Science, Technology, Computers. - 1 Viewing

Moderator: Nyiah

Sub-boards: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Space and objects in it., Tech and Info Corner

320 2,263 The Future; are we ready ?
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Jan 19, 2018 7:48:59 GMT -6

Man, now that's weird.

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No New Posts Metaphysics

Some things just don't belong in the Spiritual or Paranormal

Moderator: Nugget

84 1,085 Night Terrors
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Jan 19, 2018 7:38:36 GMT -6
No New Posts Ghosts, Spectres, and the Supernatural

"There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Meyers, make no mistake about that. And we are the ones who bump back." Professor Broom in the film Hellboy.

Moderator: Nugget

58 614 'Hauntings' May Be Caused By Infrasound
by Michigan Swamp Buck
May 22, 2016 6:54:50 GMT -6
No New Posts Aliens and UFOs

It doesn't matter what star system or galaxy they're from, we have to know about it.

Moderator: Nugget

141 1,291 One of the better talks from Richard Dolan
by 727sky
Sept 12, 2017 7:31:08 GMT -6
No New Posts Crypto/Strange Creatures

Animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the Loch Ness monster and the Yeti

Moderator: Nugget

13 162 A monster, A murder, or something else ?
by Teye22
Jan 10, 2017 20:57:18 GMT -6

Health and Well-Being

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No New Posts Survival

Whether just for personal self-sufficient and sustaining purposes or more for the EOTW scenario, we want to hear about it

42 369 Internet and Cell Phone Disruptions
by Michigan Swamp Buck
Jun 20, 2020 8:04:15 GMT -6
No New Posts Physical Health

"Every Body Loves Some Body, Sometime." Tell us about how your body is treating you.

107 1,022 Added sugar often found in Canadian products
by Nyiah
Jan 26, 2017 18:38:47 GMT -6
No New Posts Psychology, Mental Health, Self Help

There are times when we're just not thinking right. Talk about it here.

38 375 The Australian umbrella incident
by Teye22
Nov 14, 2017 21:48:05 GMT -6

Mainstream and Internet Media

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No New Posts Esoteric-Truth Radio

Radio Without the Fear.

25 237 Missed you guys!!
by TrinityETR
Jan 25, 2016 23:21:28 GMT -6
No New Posts Transcending the Veil

A radio show with supernatural and mysterious topics.

5 71 "true" ghost stories caught on tape
by Doug
May 7, 2015 21:54:19 GMT -6
No New Posts Reality Remix Radio Show

A wonderful Internet show you really should hear.

9 179 Reality Remix stream… a blast from the past!
by TrinityETR
Apr 6, 2015 16:33:47 GMT -6
No New Posts "Other" Web Sites

Fun, useful, interesting (and monstrously horrible) places to visit

43 342 A Place for Movies (My third favorite site.)
by 727sky
Jan 4, 2017 1:47:11 GMT -6

Duffy's Tavern

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No New Posts Member Introductions and Personal News - 1 Viewing

Get to know everyone as individuals and what's happening in their lives.

Moderator: Glencairn

71 1,642 The Big Day!!!
by chiefsmom
Feb 27, 2017 13:28:26 GMT -6
No New Posts The Off Topic General News Forum

All The News That You Find Interesting,,, That's Not Political and a Little Different,,,,,

Moderator: Glencairn

387 2,461 Will Rogers
by Teye22
May 23, 2017 10:44:09 GMT -6
No New Posts Duffy's Tavern - 3 Viewing

Our General Chit Chat area. Hernando's is serious about taking care of its friends. Have a drink at Duffy's, listen to some music, have conversations with the best people I know. This is the heart of this site.

Moderator: Glencairn

Sub-board: Duffy's Gallery

285 4,750 Lateral and Logical thinking
by rickymouse
Apr 18, 2018 22:13:49 GMT -6
No New Posts Duffy's Juke Box

Add your favorite music to the Juke Box. What's a bar without music?

Moderator: Glencairn

78 758 Unusual
by 727sky
Jan 6, 2018 1:33:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Animals

Snakes? Puppies? Turtles? Cats? Horses? Tell us, threads about wild and domesticated alike are welcome here..

Moderator: Glencairn

55 394 Where Eagles Dare:
by 727sky
Jan 21, 2018 2:17:05 GMT -6
No New Posts Arts and Crafts

Jewelry? Painting? Scrapbooking? Flowers? Photography? Woodworking? Come share in the hobbies and interests of members here.

Moderator: Glencairn

25 574 Quarantine Arts and Crafts
by Nugget
Jul 21, 2020 23:16:19 GMT -6
No New Posts Humor, Jokes, Laughs.

Moderator: Glencairn

471 2,439 Wednesday Morning
by 727sky
May 5, 2018 22:47:52 GMT -6
No New Posts Mmm Mmmm, Cooking.

If it's delicious, it's here.

Moderator: Glencairn

61 378 The States' Most Popular Cuisines. (From the HuffPo ???)
by rickymouse
Feb 9, 2017 13:58:55 GMT -6
No New Posts Author's Corner: Writings, Collaborations, and Op-Eds

Hernandos write posts, but they also write stories, poetry, opinion pieces and collaborate on writing projects. Find the fruits of their labor here.

Moderator: Glencairn

195 1,599 Operation Butterfly Collection : A science fiction tale
by bonhommearmonica
Sept 23, 2017 18:07:34 GMT -6
No New Posts Anime, Manga, and similar forms.

Moderator: Glencairn

6 35 My top 3 in anime series!
by Glencairn
Sept 13, 2017 22:33:06 GMT -6
No New Posts Movies and TV

Moderator: Glencairn

69 400 Avengers Infinity war: A small possibility
by Glencairn
Mar 16, 2017 1:43:12 GMT -6
No New Posts Video Gaming.

Moderator: Glencairn

36 293 Pokemon Go brings augmented reality to the mainstream
by Glencairn
Jul 16, 2016 5:00:25 GMT -6
No New Posts Sports

Moderator: Glencairn

17 121 Cubs Win the World Series
by Glencairn
Nov 3, 2016 2:21:26 GMT -6


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